How to access blocked websites with a VPN in Iran

In fact, Iran blocks a lot of useful videos and websites. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and most of the sources of international news, YouTube, even lost with the aim that they have all been blocked through Iran’s firewalls. For those of you who plan in the next few times to visit Iran this article will various tips for access to the VPN Block website in Iran

All you require is an Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access online in Iran easily. Below is a guide to the most reliable VPN that works in Iran. It provides information on how you can configure your VPN for Iran as well as a brief description about what VPNs can be as well as any other information that you must be aware of about VPNs for Iran.

What VPN do I need to use to access the internet in Iran?There are numerous VPNs out there. Some are free, while others require a fee to use. Though many choose a free VPN however, we suggest opting to a paid VPN that you can use for Iran. Free VPNs usually earn profits by selling your information to third-party organizations, like advertisers, and occasionally employ it for criminal purposes. Below you will find the most reliable and highly recommended VPNs that you can use within Iran.

The most reliable overall VPN that works for Iran – ExpressVPN

The most reliable VPN to connect to Internet within Iran can be ExpressVPN. We utilized ExpressVPN for the third time that we visited Iran and have never encountered any issues. ExpressVPN is simple to set up, offers an easy-to-use interface, and it works with every platform and device. Plus the speed of download and streaming are extremely fast. It is possible to stream movies on Netflix or watch a video on YouTube without any lags. In the end, ExpressVPN is the best VPN for those who want to surf the web in Iran.

Some of the best vpn you can use in iran

ExpressVPN is backed by a 30 day money-back assurance. If you plan to Iran in less than 30 calendar days,, you could try the VPN at no cost (although we advise you to always utilize an VPN when you travel no matter the location you’re in).

Work oniPhone, Android, Mac, Windows

Price:$12.95 for one monthor $9.99 each month over six months/$8.32 monthly for twelve months


  • It’s easy to connect and configure.
    Keeps high-speed connections
    Worked all day long
    Servers across the globe


  • Premium price

Another option to use an VPN in Iran is Nord VPN. Nord VPN

We like to offer our readers a variety of options, we’ve added Nord VPN on this list as well. NordVPN offers the same features that you would expect from a VPN that is paid. It has a good speed and other encryption options which makes Nord VPN particularly secure. It’s also used by a large number of Iranians which means it’s an excellent VPN that you can use when in Iran.

Nord is an excellent choice if you wish to utilize a VPN for other purposes than simply browsing on the Internet in Iran, that we would which we . More extensive subscriptions provide substantial discounts and are a good option for travelers who are planning to stay long.

It is possible to find NordVPN here.

Work on iPhone, Android, Mac, Windows

cost: $11.95 for one month/$6.99 per month for a yearor $3.49 monthly for 3 years


    • Simple to use and install
    • Good speed

Double encryption


  • You can only purchase for one month or a year.

Some VPNs are not compatible with Iran 

We are certain these VPN services are working within Iran as of the date of writing and are likely to operate in the near future. However, the Iranian authorities are determined to block VPNs whenever they can because the technology is technically unlawful (don’t worry you won’t get into legal trouble for using a VPN).

We’ve used CyberGhost previously during our travels in Iran and, while we’re satisfied with the VPN in general and will continue to utilize it, it didn’t perform in Iran when we returned for our second visit. If you’d like to be certain that you have access to the internet without restriction while in Iran choose one of the choices above.

Set up an VPN on your device to connect to the blocked sites in Iran

Make this a prior time before entering Iran. Internet in Iran is slow as well VPN websites and apps will be blocked. You will not be able to download the application after arriving inside Iran without using a VPN.

How to set up the VPN

    1. Purchase an VPN you wish for use within Iran.
    2. Download the correct variants of the VPN you wish to utilize in Iran. Mobile versions are available for download through their app stores alternatively, you could download the APK via their websites.
    3. Utilize the login credentials you received from your purchase to log into to your account premium.
    4. Select your location. You can choose to let the app choose automatically an area, or select a location yourself (useful for those who use location-based services). If location doesn’t matter you can choose a location that is near to where you’re. Nearer servers generally provide a faster connection.

What are the benefits of Free VPN services?

Access to the vpn block website in Iran

We ask you to Please, be cautious with the free VPN services. It’s possible that you’re saving money because they’re free. However, users frequently integrate malicious software in these services that can scrape your data when you’re using it. This is the price you pay to use their “free” application. We don’t suggest using free services due to security concerns. If you’re looking to utilize a no-cost VPN provider, OpenVPN is an option to take a look at. A lot of Iranians make use of it as a Free VPN for their use in Iran.

Do I have the right to make use of VPNs in Iran? 

Technically, no. VPNs are prohibited in Iran. But, everybody uses VPNs and even officials. There’s no method for Iranian authorities to know the use of VPNs or a VPN during your time traveling in Iran. Therefore, even if it’s prohibited, you are able to make use of the VPN without worry.

There you go an updated and complete information guide on VPNs that are available in Iran. With the steps above, you can connect to all blocked websites within Iran and access the internet in a safe and secure manner. We would love to hear from you in the comments section if you have any queries regarding using VPN in Iran. It is very important to understand that accessing blocked content or bypassing censorship in Iran may be against the law. Engaging in activities that violate local laws can have legal consequences, so it’s important to be careful and make an informed decision about using a VPN. Stay informed about the current situation and consult local sources or legal advice to make sure you are aware of any potential risks in the country of Iran.


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