How to Use Urban VPN: Complete Guide

In today’s world, our devices and apps offer many ways for cyber threats to get in. That’s why Urban VPN is key – a free service that helps you stay safe online. It lets you access the internet freely and keeps your data private.

This guide will show you how to use Urban VPN to make your online time better. You can use it to get past geo-blocks, watch videos without interruptions, or keep your online activities private123.

We’ll cover setting up Urban VPN on Windows, Mac, or mobile devices and using browser extensions. Get ready to explore a new world of online freedom with Urban VPN.

What is Urban VPN?

Urban VPN is a top proxy service that lets users access content worldwide by hiding their IP address4. It offers various options like Residential IPs, Static IPs, and Mobile Proxies. This makes it easy to watch geo-targeted content4. With products like Residential IPs API, Static IPs API, browser extensions, and mobile apps for Android and iOS, users can surf the web safely and privately.

Urban VPN as a Premium Proxy Service

Urban VPN is known for its top-notch proxy service, ensuring a smooth and fast browsing experience4. It has over 80+ server locations worldwide, growing every month4. The service is loved for its unlimited bandwidth and quick speeds, perfect for bypassing website blocks4. Users can use it on unlimited devices at once, and it beats ISP speed limits, making it a favorite among users4.

Residential IPs, Static IPs, and Mobile Proxies

Urban VPN provides three main network options: Residential IPs, Static IPs, and Mobile Proxies4. These meet different user needs, from staying anonymous online to accessing blocked content4. With over 25 million users and 464 new VPN locations added, Urban VPN keeps growing and offering secure internet access worldwide4.

Users praise Urban VPN for its dependability and security4. It’s great for unblocking Disney+ and offers unlimited data, making it a top choice4. While it’s best for desktops, its mobile features could be better, with a 2 out of 10 review rating546.

Unblock the Internet with Urban VPN

Unlock the full potential of the internet with Urban VPN. Our network has over 500 servers in 80+ countries. This lets you change your IP address and access geo-restricted content from anywhere7. You can bypass censorship, stream shows, or keep your online anonymity safe.

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Urban VPN opens up endless possibilities. Our residential proxy and anonymous proxy settings add an extra layer of security and privacy7. By changing your IP address, you can unblock websites and get to content blocked in your area7.

With Urban VPN, you can explore a world of opportunities. Our rotating proxy servers change your IP address randomly, making it hard for websites to track you7. You can browse, stream, and research without worrying about censorship or geographic restrictions7.

Change Your IP to Access Geo-Restricted Content

Are you tired of missing out on your favorite shows and websites because of where you are? With Urban VPN, you can change your IP address and get past geo-restrictions easily7. Our servers worldwide let you connect to a server in any location, so you can unblock websites and see content not available in your area.

Urban VPN is perfect for travelers, content creators, or anyone who values online freedom7. It’s your key to a world of unrestricted internet access. Explore the internet’s endless possibilities while keeping your online anonymity7.

Don’t let where you are or censorship stop you online. Change your IP address with Urban VPN and take back your internet freedom7. Open up a new world of content, chances, and possibilities at your fingertips.

Is Urban VPN Free to Use?

Yes, Urban VPN has a free plan that lets you use over 500 servers in 80+ countries8. This plan supports unlimited devices, so you can keep your internet use private and secure on all devices8.

Free VPN Solutions for Multiple Platforms

Urban VPN’s free VPN works on Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android, and web browsers9. You can use it on any device to access blocked content, keep your online activities private, and get past location blocks9.

The free version of Urban VPN provides some security and privacy, but it’s not the same as the paid plan9. You might find slower speeds, fewer server locations, and less security in the free version9. So, you might want to look at other free VPNs like Proton VPN, Windscribe, or Surfshark for better service8.

Urban VPN’s free plan is great for casual users needing basic VPN features8. But, if you need a stronger VPN, look into other free or paid options8. Think about the limits of Urban VPN’s free plan and what else is available before deciding8910.

how to use urban vpn

Urban VPN is a top-notch virtual private network (VPN) service. It helps you unlock the internet’s full potential. You can bypass geo-restrictions, protect your online privacy, or just enjoy faster and more secure browsing. This guide will show you how to use Urban VPN on different devices and platforms.

Setting Up Urban VPN on Your Device

Starting with Urban VPN is easy. It has apps for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, plus browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox11. Just download the app or extension for your device, install it, and you’re set to connect to over 80 server locations worldwide11.

Connecting to Urban VPN Servers

After installing the Urban VPN app or extension, connecting is simple11. You can let the app pick the best server for you or choose one yourself11. With its fast speeds, unlimited bandwidth, and secure connection, you’ll enjoy browsing without worries.

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Customizing Your Urban VPN Experience

Urban VPN lets you customize your VPN use11. You can change your virtual location, pick from many servers, and use features like ad-blocking and malware protection11. Whether you’re streaming, accessing blocked sites, or just browsing, Urban VPN has you covered.

Enjoying the Benefits of Urban VPN

Urban VPN opens up a world of possibilities11. It’s free for non-commercial use and has a simple setup on Windows, Mac, and Android11. With no data limits and a focus on privacy, you can surf the web safely and securely.

So, what are you waiting for? Start using Urban VPN today and enjoy the freedom and flexibility of an internet without borders11.

Set Up Urban VPN on Windows

Setting up Urban VPN on your Windows device is easy. It’s a top VPN provider with a simple app. This app gives you secure and free internet access on Windows 11, 10, 8, and 712.

Download, Install, and Connect to a Server

First, download the Urban VPN app from their website or the Windows app store. After installing, open the app and connect to a VPN server worldwide. Urban VPN has over 80 countries to choose from12.

The app uses OpenVPN for top security and speed12. You can also add the Urban VPN extension to Chrome, Edge, or Firefox for more security and speed12.

Change VPN Location on Windows

Changing your VPN location on Urban VPN for Windows is easy. Just right-click the Urban VPN icon and pick a country or city from the list. This lets you access blocked content, improve your privacy, or get past internet blocks12.

The app gives you a fully encrypted connection, keeping your device safe and your online actions private12. You can pick your VPN location to fit your needs12.

Using Urban VPN on Windows devices is simple and gives a smooth VPN experience. It’s a great choice for those wanting better online privacy and access12.

Configure Urban VPN on Mac

Setting up Urban VPN on your Mac is easy thanks to its smooth fit with the Mac world. Just a few clicks, and you can download and install the Urban VPN app from the Mac App Store. Then, you can start protecting your online actions13.

Mac App Store Installation and Server Selection

First, go to the Mac App Store and search for “Urban VPN.” Click the “Get” button to download and install it on your Mac. Once installed, open the app to pick a VPN server location. Urban VPN has servers in over 80 countries, letting you access content from anywhere with one click13.

The Urban VPN app for Mac has a simple interface. It lets you easily switch servers, check your connection, and see your data use. You can also pause the VPN with a button if you need to temporarily stop it13.

Urban VPN for Mac is great for streaming shows, accessing blocked websites, or just browsing safely. It offers reliable performance, strong security, and an easy-to-use design. It’s the top choice for Mac users who care about their online privacy and freedom13.

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Urban VPN for Android

If you’re an Android user, you’ll be happy to hear about Urban VPN’s mobile app. This app lets you change your IP address and access content you want. Whether it’s streaming shows, browsing blocked websites, or staying safe on public Wi-Fi, it’s got you covered14.

To start, just look for “Urban VPN” in the Google Play Store, download it, and follow the steps to set it up. The app is easy to use, letting you connect to a server with just a few taps15.

Get the IP Address Location You Need

The Urban VPN Android app is great for changing your IP address location. This is super useful if you want to watch content only available in certain areas. You can pick from a worldwide pool of IP addresses to find the right one for you15.

Traveling abroad and missing your favorite apps and websites? Or just want to get past regional blocks? The Urban VPN Android app has you covered. It offers fast and reliable connections for smooth browsing, streaming, and downloading16.

Urban VPN also protects your online activities with strong security features. It uses military-grade encryption and follows a strict no-logs policy. This means your personal data and browsing history stay safe from others16.

If you’re an Android user looking for a dependable VPN, check out the Urban VPN app. It’s easy to use, has servers all over the world, and keeps your online activities secure. Enjoy a safe and open internet experience wherever you go15.

Using Urban VPN Browser Extensions

Urban VPN has extensions for Chrome and Firefox. These extensions make it easy to set up VPN protection in your browser12. Just one click adds the Urban VPN extension to Chrome, Edge, or Firefox12.

These extensions give you unlimited bandwidth for streaming, downloading, and browsing11. Urban VPN doesn’t store, collect, or process your personal data, keeping your browsing private11.

One-Click Setup and Unlimited Bandwidth

Urban VPN extensions make setting up a VPN easy and ensure great connectivity11. You can pick from many countries for VPN servers worldwide1112. Choose a server location to access websites and hide your real IP address12.

Setting up Urban VPN extensions is simple, with no extra software needed11. They protect your browsing by stopping others from tracking you or selling your data11. Plus, they block ads for a safer, encrypted web experience on Chrome, Firefox, and more1112.

Urban VPN extensions are great for streaming, downloading, or just browsing. They offer ease, security, and unlimited bandwidth1112.

urban vpn browser extension

Urban VPN Chrome Extension

The Urban VPN Chrome extension helps you unblock websites, stay anonymous, and browse securely with just one click. After you install it, picking your VPN server location is easy. This lets you change your IP address and get past geographical blocks17. It’s part of the Privacy & Security segment and has 3,000,000 users17.

VPN Location Selection on Chrome

With this extension, you can choose from 530+ VPN servers in 77 countries. This lets you hide your IP address and keep your internet connection safe17. It also encrypts your data to stop ISPs from tracking you or slowing down your internet17. Plus, it has ad-blocking features to keep you safe from dangerous ads17.

Users really like the Urban VPN Chrome extension, giving it a 4.7 out of 5 rating from 33.2K ratings17. They say it’s “great,” “nice,” and “good.”17 But, the extension does collect some user info for its services. This includes URLs clicked, ads shown, browsing history, and IP addresses. Urban VPN Proxy Unblocker also shares this info with affiliates and business partners for their use17.

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